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Katie offers different in-person services, online courses, 1:1 support and hybrid options to fit your needs and meet you where you are at when it comes to empowered healing on your own Pain Freedom Journey.

Katie's approach on healing pain encompasses YOU as a WHOLE by looking at the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual factors that contribute to your unique pain cycle. This is how you treat the SOURCE of your pain for longterm relief.

When you just focus on physical causes and you do not get the relief you wanted, that is a sign you are only symptom treating your pain and only treating ONE part of it. Based on what you may be needing right now, you can choose the area(s) you want to focus on to progress your healing forward.

All Inclusive Medicine

Address all aspects of pain (BioPsychoSocially & Spiritually) and be treated as a WHOLE through the 1:1 Pain Freedom Healing Mentorship, The Natural Healer Mastermind, Pain Relief Roadmap Accelerator, Somatic Healing Sessions or the Mind Body Medicine Bundle so you can heal and finally get longterm relief.

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Biological  Medicine

Address the physical side of your pain through Rehabilitation and/or Tissue & Muscle Releasing Sessions to strengthen, loosen and relax the body to promote healing and pain relief.

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Psychological  Medicine

Address cognitive, emotional and behavioral factors of your pain through rewiring thoughts & beliefs about pain, nervous system regulation & emotional processing.

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Address the social factors of pain through Neuro Coaching (1:1 or group support) to set boundaries to protect your well-being and energy when it comes to navigating friends, family, work and society.

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Address the spiritual side of pain through Tarot & Oracle Readings and Somatics to connect with your intuition so you can gain clarity, build trust within yourself and grow self confidence.

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In-Person Pain Relief Services

(Only Available In Northern Colorado)


Receive hands-on, 1:1 pain relief support in the comfort of your own home. When it comes to getting out of pain, safety is incredibly important. Katie has found that the majority of pain flare-ups happen at home. When people are able to implement pain relief techniques and protocols in their own home, they are more likely to continue and stick with their Mind Body Medicine for long term healing and relief.

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Online/Virtual Services

Courses, Coaching, Mentorship


Receive 1:1 support to bridge the gap between emotional and physical pain so you can feel safe in your own body, create a foundation of trust within yourself and build confidence in your natural ability to heal for actual relief in a holistic way.


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Hybrid Services (In-Person AND Online)

(Only Available in Northern Colorado)


Receive pain relief support in the comfort of your own home with a combination of in-person treatments and online support that addresses you and your pain as a WHOLE so you can heal your mind and body to do the things you actually want to do in life.


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