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Spiritual Medicine Options

Support the spiritual side of pain through Tarot/ Oracle Readings and Somatics to connect with your intuition so you can gain clarity, build trust within yourself and grow self confidence.

The Spiritual Source of Pain

The spiritual side of pain involves being disconnected from yourself and can show up as not trusting your own choices and decisions.  It's where you may feel like you have to find answers outside of yourself searching for external validation. External validation is always a moving target because it is based off of the expectations of others. Even if you hit the target, you may not feel the emotional fullfilment because it always changes.

Addressing the spiritual side of pain involves connecting with your intuition, your inner knowing. We all have intuition and the way Katie helps you to access your own wisdom is through Tarot/Oracle Readings and Somatic Healing Sessions/Guided Meditations.

These services help you to get out of your mind and drop into your body so you can hear and access the messages and wisdom you already hold within you so you can trust your path, your choices and your body.


How Katie Addresses Pain Spiritually...

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Receive guidance from your intuition to gain more clarity on your path and next steps while creating a deeper sense of trust within yourself.

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Somatic Healing Sessions

Clearing out emotional and energetic blockages in the body to reduce physical pain while activating the mind body connection to promote healing for long term relief.

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The Natural Healer Mastermind

Unlock your natural ability to heal by bridging the gap between emotional and physical pain so you can feel safe in your body, strengthen your intutition and create a foundation of trust within yourself while building confidence in and intimate community of empowering support.

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