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Social Medicine Options

Support social factors of pain through Neuro Coaching (1:1 or group support) to set boundaries to protect your well-being and energy when it comes to navigating friends, family, work and society.

The Social Source of Pain

The social side of pain involves environmental stressors that include family factors, friends, relationship dynamics, social support, isolation, finances, culture, society, work, ect. 

We, as humans, are social beings and healthy functioning depends on it. In fact, we have relied on each other to survive throughout history. Social behavior is so critical for survival that your brain evolved a system to reward you. When you are social, you brain releases your body's natural pain killers - endorphins! Your brain also releases oxytocin (love hormone) and serotonin and dopamine (feelings of happiness, connectedness, reward and pleasure).

People suffering in chronic pain often isolate themselves which causes the production of cortisol (stress hormone) to increase. This can also amplify pain.

From a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual standpoint, addressing social stressors are an important piece of the "pain recipe" in order to heal and get relief. This is why Katie incorporates Neuro Coaching into your healing toolkit so you can receive the "social medicine" of support (through the Pain Freedom 1:1 Healing Mentorship or in a community of like-minded individuals inside of the Natural Healers Mastermind) to help you navigate the stresses of life in a way that feels like you have control in a world that may make you feel otherwise.


🧠What Is NeuroCoaching?

NeuroCoaching dives into you as a WHOLE (mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually). It is developed through neuroscience and designed to get to the root cause of pain struggles for source based transformation. It teaches you how to work WITH your brain and nervous system so they can work FOR YOU instead of against you through regulating, reprogramming and rewiring neural pathways. (This will be the bulk of your Pain Freedom Healing Mentorship)


How Katie Addresses Pain Socially...

Pain Relief Roadmap Accelerator

Create a personalized plan of action to jumpstart your way out of pain while receiving some support to build a solid foundation for empowered healing that results in relief.

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Pain Freedom 1:1 Healing Mentorship

Transform your pain into healing, health and relief by bridging the gap between your emotional and physical pain treating the source of it in a WHOLE-istic way through 1:1 support.

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The Natural Healer Mastermind

Unlock your natural ability to heal by bridging the gap between emotional and physical pain so you can feel safe in your body, strengthen your intutition and create a foundation of trust within yourself while building confidence in and intimate community of empowering support.

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