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Psychological Healing Options

Support cognitive, emotional and behavioral factors of your pain through Neuro Coaching (rewiring thoughts, beliefs & the meaning assigned to pain), Somatics (nervous system regulation & emotional processing) and understanding coping behaviors to stress induced situations.

The Psychological Source of Pain

The psychological side of pain has usually been kept separate when it comes to treating pain, chronic illness, diseases and even cancer. However, research has proven that physical AND emotional pain map the EXACT SAME in the brain through neuroscience studies. This means pain is BOTH physical and emotional 100% of the time.

From a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual standpoint, it is just as important to treat pain physically as it is to treat the thoughts and emotions paired with pain. Pain is created in the brain. If you do not treat the brain, you do not treat pain. This is why Katie incorporates Neuro Coaching into your healing toolkit so you can transform your pain into relief, health and well-being.

Psychological sources of pain involve rewiring thoughts, processing emotions, creating a supportive belief system and understanding how your body responds to pain.

Thoughts affect how you feel. The things you think about affects how your body feels 100% of the time. If thoughts, emotions and beliefs can change the intensity of your pain... This means you have more control over your pain, your healing and your health than you may realize!

🧠What Is NeuroCoaching?

NeuroCoaching dives into you as a WHOLE (mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually). It is developed through neuroscience and designed to get to the root cause of pain struggles for source based transformation. It teaches you how to work WITH your brain and nervous system so they can work FOR YOU instead of against you through regulating, reprogramming and rewiring neural pathways. (This will be the bulk of your Pain Freedom 1:1 Healing Mentorship)

How Katie Addresses Pain Psychologically...

Somatic Healing Sessions 

Clearing out emotional and energetic blockages in the body to reduce physical pain while activating the mind body connection to promote healing for long term relief.

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Neuro Coaching Sessions

Receive 1:1 support to help you navigate the problems and pain spots currently coming up in your life so you can feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions, get to the source of your stress and gain clarity on your next steps with a plan of action you can implement right away.

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Pain Freedom Healing Mentorship

Transform your pain into healing, health and relief by bridging the gap between your emotional and physical pain treating the source of it in a WHOLE-istic way through 1:1 support.

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