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Ep. #15: Medicine Reframed: Tradition Meets Science - Evolving Healthcare with Brenna Galves

Season #2

This episode talks about healthcare from both perspectives of Eastern and Western Medicine.

Special guest, Brenna Galves, is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist, Reiki Intuitive, Facial Rejuvenation Specialist, and Autoimmune Specialist. 💊✨💉🌿

She shares her background of integrating Eastern and Western medicine in her healthcare practices to treat root cause issues for overall well-being.

Brenna breaks down the ancient art of Chinese Medicine, explains the connection between disease and emotions, discusses what visceral pain is and shares her perspective on pain and medicine as a whole so you can support your body to heal.

Reset Medical Solutions is on a mission to evolve healthcare and to give people options, solutions and resources to support healing. ❤️💛💙

Brenna is offering $15 off her 90 minute Initial Consultation and Treatment that can be booked online through her website:

You can also connect with her on Instagram and Facebook at Reset Medical Solutions