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Biological Healing Options

Support the physical side of your pain through Rehabilitation and/or Tissue & Muscle Releasing Sessions to strengthen, loosen and relax the body to promote healing and pain relief.

The Biological Source of Pain

The physical side of pain has usually been the main focus when it comes to treating pain, chronic illness, diseases and even cancer. However, research has proven that physical AND emotional pain map the EXACT SAME in brain through neuroscience studies. This means pain is BOTH physical and emotional 100% of the time.

From a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual standpoint, just treating the physical side of pain means you are just symptom treating because you are missing 3/4 of the "pain recipe."

Biological sources of pain involve genetics, tissue damage, system dysfunction, immune issues, sleep, nutrition, exercise, pills and procedures.

Yes, addressing the biological issues are important when it comes to healing and pain relief... However, it should not be the only focus as it is only ONE PART of your unique pain cycle.


How Katie Addresses Pain Biologically...

Rehabilitation Sessions (In-Person)

Utlizing movement and tissue releasing to increase muscular strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and posture while decreasing pain flare-ups and symptoms with a custom protocol designed to fit your needs.

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Tissue & Muscle Releasing Sessions (In-Person)

Increase oxygen and blood flow circulation in the body to reduce stress, tension and tightness while promoting healing for pain relief and well-being.

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