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All Inclusive Medicine Options

Support all aspects of pain (BioPsychoSocially & Spiritually) and be treated as a WHOLE through the 1:1 Pain Freedom Healing Mentorship, The Natural Healer Mastermind, Pain Relief Roadmap Accelerator, Somatic Healing Sessions or the Mind Body Medicine Bundle so you can heal and finally get longterm relief.

Understanding Pain As A WHOLE...


There are MULTIPLE sources of pain and it is usually NOT just one thing that causes pain to be chronic.

  • Physical pain is going to affect how we think and feel about our own bodies and capabilities.
  • Emotional pain is going to affect how our bodies feel and how we think about ourselves which dictate how we interact with the world.
  • Mental pain is going to affect how we feel emotionally and physically which controls the things we do.
  • Social pain is going to affect how we think and feel about ourselves which has impact on our physical bodies.
  • Spiritual pain is going to affect the confidence and trust we have in ourselves which can cause us to not listen to our own needs, wants and widsom.

This is WHY it is so important to look at ALL of the factors that make up your unique "Pain Recipe." Everyone is different and what triggers my pain is going to be different from what triggers your pain. How I treat pain as a whole encompasses YOU AS A WHOLE. Understanding how your own mind and body work together when it comes to pain is how you treat the source of your pain so you can heal, feel more in control, build confidence within yourself AND get longterm relief.

PLUS, the tools and resources that you are provided with through working with Katie are things you can implement over and over again.

Pain is a teacher and we all are going to experince pain at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, we have not been taught what pain is, why we have it or how to navigate through it. This is why Katie is here, to be your pain guide and teach you how to heal yourself so you can reclaim WHO YOU ARE.


How Katie Addresses Pain As A WHOLE...

Mind Body Medicine Bundle

Access on-demand holistic healing techniques designed to reduce pain flare-ups and decrease stress while retraining your mind and body to break the pain cycle for relief in the moment.

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Somatic Healing Sessions

Clearing out emotional and energetic blockages in the body to reduce physical pain while activating the mind body connection to promote healing for long term relief.

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Pain Relief Roadmap Accelerator

Create a personalized plan of action to jumpstart your way out of pain while receiving some support to build a solid foundation for empowered healing that results in relief.

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Pain Freedom 1:1 Healing Mentorship

Transform your pain into healing, health and relief by bridging the gap between your emotional and physical pain treating the source of it in a WHOLE-istic way through 1:1 support.

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The Natural Healer Mastermind

Unlock your natural ability to heal by bridging the gap between emotional and physical pain so you can feel safe in your body, strengthen your intutition and create a foundation of trust within yourself while building confidence in and intimate community of empowering support.

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