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I'm Katie Sutton...

Master Neuro Coach & Somatic Pain Rehabilitation Specialist


My Story...


As someone who has experienced pain on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually), I know what it is like to lose hope and feel stuck. 


After surviving a failed abduction attempt when I was 8 years old, I was full of worry and anxiety, never feeling safe. This is why I joined Jiu Jitsu and actively trained in MMA (mixed martial arts), fighting in tournaments and prepping cage fighters for about 6 years. I over-trained and pushed my body to it's limit to the point it started breaking down on me. I accumulated many injuries and never allowed my body to fully heal because I didn't want to appear "weak." I would go back to training no matter how hurt I was because I needed to prove to myself that I could fight. I abused my body to the point where I had to be pulled from the sport with multiple concussions, a dislocated spine and a torn meniscus.


My doctor told me that I wouldn't be able to actively train in martial arts again and that if I got hit in the head one more time in the right place, I could end up as a vegetable for the rest of my life.


I was devastated. I tied my identity to that sport and it was taken from me in an instant. The pain from my injuries became chronic and were a constant reminder of what I could no longer do or be. I completely lost who I was and I fell into a spiraling depression. My chronic pain became unbearable... 


It didn’t matter how much I did to address the physical pain. I went to multiple doctors, went through dozens of medical tests with no clear answers or diagnosis. I went to physical therapy, chiropractic appointments, massage therapy and focused on my nutrition with little to no relief for nearly 6 years. I was popping pain pills left and right that didn't make me feel like myself. Emotionally I was defeated and mentally I was over critical. 


I was told my pain was all in my head. It didn’t matter how much I tried to think positively. I still felt stuck and constantly reminded of my pain keeping me stuck. 


It didn’t matter how much I tried to push away those “negative” emotions. I still didn’t feel great physically and mentally I felt like I was going to explode at any second.


I learned the messy and hard way to get out of pain.


As someone who has personally experienced the debilitating effects of chronic pain, I spent YEARS of effort, trial and error, earning a BA in Exercise Physiology and multiple certifications in rehabilitation, pain management and neuroscience to discover the truth...


It doesn't have to take YOU years of effort to get to the point where you are finally free from the shackles of your pain, feeling energized and able to move with ease, doing what YOU WANT TO DO reclaiming your body and taking your life back!


I was doing everything "right" to manage my pain, but it wasn't until I decided to get certified in Neuro Coaching that I figured out why nothing was working...

 I realized that there were missing pieces and neuroscience cracked the code. Once I understood how the human brain and nervous system work TOGETHER when it came to pain... THAT was when things started to make sense.


I discovered that the health care system is flawed with a lot of cracks in its foundation when it comes to only addressing the physical aspects of pain and treating the body separately from the mind.


This is why I left the medical field... I wanted to help people as a WHOLE and actually teach people how to work with their brain and nervous system to get out of pain and stay out of pain.

  • No more pain management strategies that only work temporarily

  • No more therapy sessions that leave you feeling less than

  • No more medical tests that leave you with more questions than answers


Through my courses, programs and trainings, you’ll learn the power of activating your own Mind Body Connection through a process that shifts how you think, feel and be when it comes to healing. The goal is to transform your physical and emotional pain, so you can align your mind and body to be on the same page with what you want - gaining pain freedom! You’ll learn how to hardwire your brain for relief and regulate you nervous system with what you want while eliminating anything that is keeping you stuck in your pain!


Through many years of investigative research and over 10 years of experience in the pain management field, my Pain Freedom Relief methods and tools are backed by neuroscience and are designed to treat the SOURCE of your pain by addressing your pain as a WHOLE so you can feel safe in your body, build a deep sense of trust within yourself and create confidence in your natural ability to heal your mind and body to work FOR you in a holistic way for longterm relief.


I’ve been on this journey, I continue to walk it and I am here to walk it with you too on your journey.

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Why Work With Me?

  • B.A. in Exercise Physiology
  • Certified Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Certified Master NeuroCoach Trained by NeuroPsycologist Dr. Shannon Irvine
  • Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist
  • 10+ years in chronic pain/rehab field
  • Background in biomedical and neuroscience
  • Invested nearly $100k in my own education, training, certifications and personal development 
  • Certified in Level I Reiki

Get To Know Me:

  • Human Design: 1/3 Manifesting Generator
  • Wife to my incredible husband
  • I have two cats named Myla & Syrah
  • I color and change my hair frequently
  • I am a youth shooting instructor
  • Actively training in Krav Maga Self Defense (currently a green belt)
  • I come from a family of hunters and hunting is an annual activity for me
  • I absolutely LOVE AUTUMN with the color changing leaves, pumpkins and sweater weather!
  • Went from not being able to walk more than 10 minutes without my back and knees giving out to proving my doctor wrong, getting back to an active lifestyle
  • I love chips and salsa
  • I'm addicted to personal development and learning new skills
  •  My music playlist ranges from heavy metal to soul to country
  • I love being in the mountains and 4 wheeling
  • I have a creative side when it comes to painting, makeup, doing my nails or crafting
  • I am deeply passionate about helping other's heal and transform