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It's Time To Change How Pain Is Being Treated In A Way That Supports You As A WHOLE

(mental, emotional, physical, socialspiritual health)!

Katie's Approach On Holistic Pain Medicine

Pain has been mistreated for DECADES and it has caused so many to stay stuck in pain due to a broken health care system that is in need of an upgrade.

The GOOD NEWS? You can HEAL pain!

I know it is POSSIBLE because I have healed my own chronic pain and I have helped hundreds of other's do the same.

The KEY is to bridge the gap between emotional AND physical pain by addressing the SOURCE of your pain in a BioPsychoSocial & Spiritual approach.

I have created multiple resources to support where you are at on your pain journey whether you want to focus on healing mental/emotional pain, get relief from physical pain or transform your health & well-being all inclusively.

I am your pain guide and healing mentor here to support you in bridging the gap between your mental and emotional pain so you can feel safe in your body, create a foundation of trust within yourself and build confidence in your natural ability to heal for actual relief in a "whole-istic" way!


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Resources To Support You On Your Journey

Choose what kind of support you need on a Biological, Psychological, Social, Spiritual or All Inclusive level when it comes to reclaiming your mind & body to heal from pain for longterm relief.

Unleash Pain Freedom Podcast

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100% of us experience pain at some point in our lives yet, we are not taught what pain is, why we have it or how to navigate through it. Without this vital knowledge, it actually keeps us stuck in the vicious pain cycle. It is my mission to educate people like you on your unique pain experiences so you can feel empowered to know how to navigate it when it comes about and break the cycle. 

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All Inclusive Medicine

Address all aspects of pain (BioPsychoSocially & Spiritually) and be treated as a WHOLE through the 1:1 Pain Freedom Healing Mentorship, The Natural Healer Mastermind, Pain Relief Roadmap Accelerator, Somatic Healing Sessions or the Mind Body Medicine Bundle so you can heal and finally get longterm relief.

Discover More All Inclusive Healing Options

Psychological  Medicine

Address cognitive, emotional and behavioral factors of your pain through rewiring thoughts & beliefs about pain, nervous system regulation & emotional processing.

Discover More Psychological Healing Options

Biological  Medicine

Address the physical side of your pain through Rehabilitation and/or Tissue & Muscle Releasing Sessions to strengthen, loosen and relax the body to promote healing and pain relief.

Discover More Physical Healing Options

Social Medicine

Address the social factors of pain through (1:1 or group support) to set boundaries to protect your well-being and energy when it comes to navigating friends, family, work and society.

Discover More Social Healing Options

Spiritual Medicine

Address the spiritual side of pain through Tarot & Oracle Readings and Somatics to connect with your intuition so you can gain clarity, build trust within yourself and grow self confidence.

Discover More Spiritual Healing Options

Ready To Learn How To Get Out of Pain, But Not Sure Where To Start?

Pain Relief Roadmap Accelerator


Create a personalized plan of action that addresses all aspects of your unique pain cycle so you jumpstart your way out of pain for long term relief.

In this 2 week Pain Relief Roadmap Accelerator, we will...

  • Do a Pain Evaluation Assessment. Pain is very unique to each person and should be treated as such. This is why we will be discussing your pain mentally, emotionally, physically and socially to get to better understand the source of it.
  • Create your Pain Relief Roadmap. Together, you and Katie, will create a custom blueprint of your own pain relief path that is unique to you, your brain and your body with a plan of action you can implement on your own right away.
  • Break the vicious pain cycle on a somatic and neurological level. You will be provided with a Mind Body Medicine bundle that is designed to hardwire relief in your brain and regulate your nervous system to break the pain cycle and create safety so you can support your mind and body to heal.
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Grace's Healing Journey with Chronic Lyme Disease
I truly don’t know where to even start, Katie is a healing warrior. She is such a bright light with a warm, comforting energy. She has a healing aura that surrounds you that everyone can’t help but feel.
A little background about my story is that I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease when I was 15 years old and I am now 23 years old. Over the past 8 years I have experienced a plethora of neurological, physical and mental ailments including severe depression and anxiety as well as chronic fatigue, brain fog, body weakness, joint pain, learning processing issues, stomach and gut issues etc..
Katie has not only helped with my neurological symptoms but with that has come emotional and physical freedom. Every doctor I saw growing up would tell me what is wrong with me, what I have, what I need to take and would continue to tell me to my face that Lyme disease doesn’t exist while I am sitting in front of them as living proof of it with tears falling down my face.
Katie is the first person that taught me that I am not Lyme. Lyme doesn’t define me, I will not play in the victim mentality and I will not give it all my energy for it to take all my power.
I recently had a doctors appointment with my Lyme Doctor to do testing and although other co-infections did show up, Lyme itself did not. I had to do a double take at my Doctor because I couldn’t comprehend that is what she had just said. I always believed in this work and trusted the process, but to see this physically manifest was euphoric.
I also have decreased in my anti-depressant dosage (very strategically and slowly with my Dr.'s guidance) to now the lowest dose.  This was my goal from the beginning of both starting the medication and starting my sessions with Katie.
I am still trying to find the words to express how I feel. I have never felt more free. I thank Katie for helping me get there and for believing in me throughout it all, despite it all. Katie goes above and beyond in making sure her patients feel supported, appreciated and loved as well as provides you with personalized resources and tools for you to utilize in your every day. 
I will forever be eternally grateful Katie entered my life when she did. She’s helped me open my mind, expand my perspectives, and she created a safe place to allow myself to heal. The way that Katie has taught me how to rewire my thoughts,  co-exist with my dark knight and retrain my brain has greatly improved the quality of my life, in all aspects. I truly feel like I can accomplish anything after NeuroCoaching and I believe full heartedly I am capable of anything. I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me, Katie.  
Kelly's Healing Journey with Fibromyalgia & Grief
The physical and emotional pain I was experiencing before was crippling.  I did not want to get out of bed, live life; I felt crushed. I wanted change, something different but I didn’t know how to make change happen.  I was given the opportunity to participate in Katie’s 6 Day Experience.  I do not have the adequate words to articulate how very grateful I am to have been given the opportunity and chose to participate.
I hoped to get relief from the deep pain I was experiencing on a daily basis.  I hoped to find myself again after my husband died.  I was lost and didn’t know who or where I was, let alone where I wanted to be.  Working with Katie gave me hope and life.  It wasn’t a magic wand or a special pill; it was work.  Though it was work and it was painful, it gave me my life back and even better than I had hoped!
The NeuroCoaching sessions with Katie unlocked doors I didn’t even know were there, let alone chained closed tight.   I learned to listen to my body, to check in with myself, to acknowledge emotional hurt and not always attach myself to it.  I learned about being in a boat watching the water flow.  A leaf that represents a hurt, a trigger, a memory floats by.  I can choose to attach myself and to the leaf, the trigger, the hurt or memory or I can simply acknowledge it and let it float down the water.
Rachel's Healing Journey with Body Image & A High Stress Job

I have had the pleasure of working with Katie for some time now. Katie takes a unique approach to coaching in order to tie together mind, body and soul. Katie has helped me re-frame my thinking in a way that improves all aspects of my life: personal and professional. Katie has helped me overcome some anxiety that was holding me back in my career. This allowed me topropel myself forward and achieve one of my dreams of becoming an ER nurse. Not just landing the job, but helping me make sure my mind and body are always ready for the high stress, physical and emotional demands of the job. Katie also helps me with mental and physical challenges of weight loss. She showed me how to get into a mindset where I am working on my body out of love, not hate or punishment (that approach to weight loss has failed me many, many times before). She has excellent nutrition and exercise ideas that are specific to my body type, my life style and my goals. She also has helped me work through and normalize when I have “off” days, feelings of guilt, feelings of inadequacy, or anxiety. Katie also focuses on pain. I have had chronic back pain due to an old injury for many years, and more recently chronic hip and knee pain that are not caused by an injury. Katie has excellent pain management techniques, but also focuses on the root cause of pain. She has helped me figure out what causes my hip and knee pain. Katie doesn’t just treat the physical symptoms of pain, but dives into the emotional causes of physical pain. She then gives me physical and mental exercises I can do, wherever I am, for both the physical and emotional aspects of pain. This allows me to have my day back, whereas in the past, when this pain would creep up the day was wasted on the couch, in pain and feeling depressed. Katie has always been able to help me take a step back, look at the bigger picture and give me the next few steps to get to where I want to be, even if the first step is just “breathe”. It’s great to have someone in your corner, fighting for you. I highly recommend Katie’s NeuroCoaching if you are looking for change in your life, career, body, or thoughts.

Elizabeth's Healing Journey with Navigating The Stress of Being A CEO

Before deciding to do NeuroCoaching with Katie I was in a rut physically and emotionally. I felt stuck in my life and my business. I didn't know which direction to go, I didn't feel focused on what I needed to do for myself and my business. It was painful to me to be in that place. Looming in a darkness I didn't know how to get out of. I wanted to get out of the pain and darkness I was feeling via sessions with Katie. She helped me get out of it and gave me tools and actionable steps to integrate in my life so that when negative thoughts and feelings come up that would in the past put me in a negative vicious cycle, I know exactly what to do with them so they don't consume my life and keep me there for periods of time. Katie held a safe space for me to be, feel and say what I needed to. She's able to coach and guide me forward to the result I want. She's helped me to get to the source of what's subconsciously been holding me back that's kept me repeating the same patterns and behaviors that don't support me and the pains that had prevented me from doing things that are good for me and that I love to do. My physical and emotional pain has shifted from a 9 on a 1-10 scale to a 0. This was able to happen with multiple NeuroCoaching sessions with Katie and knowing that it takes self-trust and faith in the continuous process. This was something I wasn't able to accept for a while and because I have, thanks to Katie, so much is possible for me and my business. I can move my body in ways I didn't think possible and my business is growing and expanding because I have the clarity and focus I can now put to it. Thank you Katie for being you and guiding me to do this inner work.